Jack Booth began raising bees as a hobby in 1975. Mimi Booth chose the name, Cinnamon Bear Farm, after reading an early California journal of a young man who was describing a cinnamon colored bear in the area. It seemed to be an appropriate name for their honey business, as Jack was also a wildlife biologist. They began selling honey and beeswax products at Ukiah Saturday Certified Farmers Market in 1991. In 2008, Jack reduced his beekeeping responsibilities by selling the honey portion of the business. He continues to mentor many beekeepers but prefers to focus on growing produce.

 As the farm production increased and Jack and Mimi aged, they took on younger partners who were passionate about farming. Alex Nielson, their third farm partner, has been an integral part of the operation since 2013, bringing fresh ideas, intelligent research, and enthusiasm to the operation. The partnership expanded delightfully when Alex married Sarah in 2016, bringing valuable skills and support for the farm with a degree in Sustainable Agriculture from UC Davis.