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Carrot & Butternut Muffins

Are you getting tired of roasted winter squash yet?  Here is a way to use it that might make it a little more fun and interesting this week!  If your carrots get used up in other meals, you can substitute more squash for the carrots.  1 cup whole wheat flour 1/3 cup all purpose flour […]

Buckwheat Recipes

Buckwheat is not a grain—it’s a fruit seed—but you’d never know it. Nutty, earthy, and comforting, a sprinkle of dry groats (the hulled seeds of the buckwheat plant) lends crunch and chew to whatever they touch while buckwheat noodles (soba!) and flours provide a gluten-free alternative to traditional wheat.  1 cup toasted buckwheat groats1 3/4 cups […]

‘Hakurei” Tunip salad

My favorite way to enjoy hakurei turnips is in a salad. The light peppery sweetness of the turnips shines through. On their own, the leaves aren’t tough but they aren’t exactly tender either. However, with a little warm dressing, they wilt ever so slightly and become tender salad greens. This recipe is a favorite because it’s […]