We take great care to grow many varieties of warm weather products that are known for superior flavor, not always available in supermarkets. Mimi loves to create recipes so the taste and quality of specific varieties often determine what’s planted.

Some of the items that we grow in abundance are cucumbers, eggplant,  summer squash, peppers, beans, and many flavorful herbs to perfect a summer menu. Flowers from Mimi’s garden also appear seasonally.

Jack has for years been known among our market customers as the guy who could bring tomatoes to market by June through the use of season extending fabric tunnels that are temporarily placed in the fields until all danger of freezing temperatures is passed.

The addition of farm partners in our business has enabled us to offer more products year around. Alex and Sarah specialize in growing greens such as kale, mustard, arugula, Pac Choi, broccoli shoots, and a variety of multi-colored lettuces. They have experimented with production methods, utilizing tools that allow them to plant hundreds of root crops efficiently so that they can bring their popular baby salad turnips, young carrots, beets, and radishes to market throughout the year.

The newest product that Sarah and Alex are excited about is growing micro greens, including sunflower, buckwheat, radish, lettuces, and peas. These tender little morsels, filled with nutritional goodness, are flavorful additions to green salads.

Some of our perennial offerings include fruit such as peaches and persimmons. Asparagus and artichokes can be found in our spring markets.

Our olive trees, of Tuscan varieties, produce a great flavored oil that highlights many of our products. We grow what we love to eat and grow an abundance so that we can share it with our community.

Our Specialties

Flavorful Tomatoes

Tomato connoisseurs can typically tell the difference between “hot house” tomatoes (those grown from start to finish in a greenhouse) and those grown in the open summer breeze. Jack’s method of season extension, removing the fabric as soon as possible, and harvesting tomatoes at their peak, ensure ultimate tomato flavor.

Sweet Melons

Our other anticipated specialty is melons. Blessed with hot weather and a rich sandy soil next to the Russian River, these melons are allowed to grow to their full potential, sweet and juicy.